Squeeze'em, Testimony, Squeeze

Three men came masked in black
Activated a negative feedback
They didn't come to do some shopping
Everything was there except the cameras turning
Then multiple shots made holes in bodies
Panic in the hearts of those who were still alive
Piece by piece they were dead
Caused by a cut-off riotgun in their heads

Squeeze'em, Testimony, Squeeze

Seek for goals ? Don't ask me why
It ain't money, so fuck their alibi
National security backed them up
It's a matter of confidence, what's a bad cop
Do you understand just what it means
To put your lives in the hands of a double-crossed team
We have the right to remain silent
And what do we get ?
Disorder and violence !

Power is all you need to attack a strong backbone
Power is all you need to attack a strong backbone
Power is all you need to attack a strong backbone
And if you're in the backbone, change your heart into a big red stone

17 november '83, they became Belgium's
Public enemy number one, and they shot
My son, my only one, that's why I know !?!
I remember that day as if it was yesterday
They drove a Golf, a Volkswagen Golf
That had been stolen in Brussels
And beaten up like a jackal wolf

I can still hear the words that fucking bastards shouted

Squeeze'em, Testimony, Squeeze

Justice, a cool word
Our lives have been disturbed
The question is - Who runs the bizz ?
It's corruptive
Rotten to the core
Guilty as charged
But never proven

And the culprit still breathes the air of freedom....

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