When I asked you to lend me a fiver
You said you were already broke
And when I explained you were living in chains
You assumed it was some sort of joke
You wanted a job and then got one
And learned jokes about sex, Jews, and blacks
Got married to help pay the mortgage
Got wound up when you had to pay tax

What happened to you with your ideas?
What happened to all your hopes and fears?
Ex-Teenage rebel- same old story

When I asked you what you thought of the arms race
Asking you who d gonna win?
You remembered a man on the telly and said
I agree with him
You say everything s alright really
You say that I m just paranoid
You tell me it s always been the same
And there s some things I cannot avoid

So what happened to your old opinions?
The thoughts that you had for so long?
That inspired a thousand rebellions
Against what was and still is so wrong
You tell me you used to be crazy
And paranoid like I am now
You soon realized There was no reason why
So you gave up and soon settled down

And I tell you that you are the problem
Which is why you can t see it no more
The strength of us all could demolish the wall
But you chose to walk through the door
Living a life of compromise
What you re supporting is what you despised
Was all that you said just a useful disguise?
Or was it all just little white lies?
Little white lies
To help you survive
Is there no guilt in your mind?
Is there no guilt in your eyes?

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