Let's dot it for love

I love you with everything that's in me, did you know that?
You'll be the first that's ever been so close, you should know that!

I've been loving you since the beginning
For what it's worth
I've always been waiting for this moment


One special night
For one special girl
Let's make love like it's our last night on earth
With everything I have
My promiss it will be much sweeter then you'd dream
Let's do it tonight
Let's do it for love

Never had a reason to believe this
Love would find me
Must have been something I di'dn't know and you showed me
That if I had a change to go to heaven
Girl I stayed here
'Cause nothing could make me miss this moment


I can't think of any place I'd rather be than here with you
And hold you close to me
feeling every pount of your heartbeat baby
It's the way you look at me ( the way you look)
That do I like
Let love be waht you wish for on a night like this ( like this)


Let's do it tonight bayby
Let's do it for love

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