[LL Cool J]
His realm is a new horizon of cuts
They expand from his hand as he conducts
Aim a lot of cool projects not photography
Cut-Creator, Philly-Phil's biography

[LL Cool J]
The lyrical virtual also makes his return
All adversaries should be concerned
LL Cool J is back again
Let me allow to introduce you to my friend Cut-Creator

[LL Cool J]
He circumcises DJ's while he's on the airwaves
Till the missions' complete, you're a musical slave
English revision he endour any collision
Like a searcher with a scapal, he'll make the head decision
As for me I'll annihilate, eggs, I'll let's 'em communicate
you from rappin' and my lyrics are the best
Slow down the rap but not the subject matter
All you sucker DJ's will scatter
Cut-Crea-tor will employ techniques that will absorb toy boy
The real helper of cuts, Cut-Creator is his name
The boys' so nice, my boat is your strain
You could re-arrange but you don't have the brains
to arrange scratch-padders for the audio change
Not trippin' ah, my tree, for the mental geometry
Just Cool J, that's me, I'm dangerous

"I Need A Beat" - [cut and scratched]

[LL Cool J]
Yeah I made it, don't look astonished
I had to remind you of what I've acomplished
My scenario, four-door stereo
Up-bein' beat, zero is the ratio
Cut-Creator, LL Cool J
Say: "Ole", to what we just played
Rappers who don't evade instead we invade
and all competitors will be slayed
Any comment is a compliment
No groups' talent can be the equivalent
of mine and his combined
Total harmony between the cuts and the rhyme
So why listen the greats by the deaf of the bass
Takin' out every sucker, DJin' the place
A performance underated, it's not narrated
So Cut-Creators social statics can't be alleviated
He's dangerous

[LL Cool J]
Demolishin' DJ's in under a second
I called an old phrase from my last record
The beat alleviates, the scratch excells
Except I came hear to raise some hell
Searchin' up sykes and cuts like the blade
He the scuser dry-smudge and make Coolay
I drink at steady, the record turns many
Instead of a needle, he uses a machette
He scuffs the bars a-get you involved as the record revolves
DJ's dissolve, usually, physically, mentally
he's an innovator, greator, Cut-Creator is on the cross-fader
Sometime I gotta check what I invest
All Farmers Boulevard is where I rest
I'm numero uno, amigo with an ego
Such palms kill a France, say: En Italiano
The mouth protects and I'll inject into your ears
a new concept cuts soon in silence to be unfair
to the Cool J phenomena, all must hail
I'm dangerous

[LL Cool J freestyle]

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